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Review : DJI The RobMaster S1 , the amazing teach & entertainment Robot

Review : DJI The RobMaster S1 , the amazing teach & entertainment Robot

Jue 12th , DJI released a consumer sports robot , named RoboMaster S1 . This hard-core robot can be used to teaching and athletics . It is really amazing !
Now I got one at the first time . Let me show you how cool it is .
Follow me !


The RoboMaster S1 has the Industrial grade hardware and high-performance CPU , 31 sensors ,  it can simulate skin touch with the special armor . Beside ,RoboMaster S1 can move to 360° by its chassis .
All these make RoboMaster S1 surpass the other same type robot . 
We also know that S1 is a programmable robot , you can write Python or Scratch code by  Python or Scratch . 
When I got my RoboMaster S1 , it is all in a  carton .


Open it , you can see four direct current electric motor and four wheel hubs  . 

Yes , it is McNamee wheel .

As you can see , I need to assembled them together . I have to said this make me excited !
Let`s do it .

I spended about 3 hours to finish this job . Really enjoy .
Now ,you can see the how does it look like.

It is really  cool !

RoboMaster S1 even has a magazines , it can launch the water  bombs. From the guide , I found it can load 430 bombs , it shock me !


The infrared sensor at the two sides of the emitter and the induction armor also cover the front and back.
From the transparent shell , I can see the motion controller .

The battery compartments is under the motion controller. Just need to push the button and open.

OK , after look around my RoboMaster S1 , I need to use the RoboMaster app to connect it by my phone . By the way , it also can be connected with  tablet or hand shank.

But I prefer use my phone .
Now , I can control my RoboMaster S1 . Coooooool.

You can see my screenshot , the left side button  is used to moving it  and right side button is used to shot .


At my phone , with the 720p 30fps , it is really a good FPV view.


It need one hour and a half to fully charge . After that , it can use for 40 mins .
Now , let`s try the shoting .


Afte loaded the water bombs  , it can shot in 26m/s ,it even has the recoil .
Just like other DJI product , RoboMater S1 can lock the pedestrian anf follow them .


If you have 2 or more RoboMaster S1 , you can let them fight each other . 

Beside use it for entertainment , RoboMaster S1 also can be used for teaching . 
As I noticed before , S1 is a programmable robot , support Python and Scratch programming language .
In the app , there is a lab module , which including three parts :
1.The master road .
2.My program
3.Robot college

The master road is a learning project . You can learn how program with S1 .
After you finish the project , you can master the basic graphic programming knowledge and start to write your code .
I try to write the program to make my S1 recognize my applause and make respond. 
And yes , my code worked .

 RoboMaster S1 has 46 programmed control units , 6 type AI programming modules . Really powerful !
I guess I can play it in the whole year !



Enjoy !